NTI 2021

presenting exhibits throughout Nevada communities

的 Nevada Touring Initiative (NTI) Traveling Exhibition Program delivers high-quality visual arts exhibits to communities throughout the state for an affordable fee. 的 cost includes rental of the artwork, installation and pick-up, insurance, and publicity and educational materials. 的 NTI exhibits feature an array of subjects and art forms, ranging from traditional Washoe basketry to landscape painting and contemporary sculpture.


Exhibit Sponsors

An eligible sponsor can be any Nevada community-oriented, a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status or currently registered as an agent of a 政府ernmental body (i.e. correctional institution, park district, college or public library), willing to undertake local responsibility for presenting NTI events. Sponsors may include local arts agencies, arts organizations, community centers, 博物馆, libraries, and colleges. Each sponsoring site is required to appoint one person to act as the NTI Sponsor and NAC’s contact person.

Exhibition Components

Each exhibition is available for eight (8) weeks and includes:


Wall Space Requirements

To prevent any damage or loss of the artwork, it is necessary that exhibition areas be as secure as possible. Please check each exhibit for specific space and exhibition requirements, as they do vary.


Security, Care of Exhibition Artwork and Crate Storage Requirements

Although the State of Nevada insures the NTI artwork, the Exhibit Sponsor must give to objects borrowed the same care as it does a comparable property of its own by providing the following:


Rental Fee

的 artwork rental cost is $150 per exhibition, which is non-refundable. Approval of the application is based on the availability of the exhibit requested and program funding which is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. Exhibit Sponsors may not apply for other NAC 奖助金 to support NTI activities.

Staff Assistance

Staff can guide both new and experienced sponsors through the steps necessary to present rewarding community arts events by providing information and technical assistance in such areas as planning, publicity, and audience development. Please contact, Artist Services Specialist/Art Installer, Stephen Reid, 775.687.7108 or 电子邮件.